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ADDITION SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE of MULTIPLES will be required to ‘BOX UP‘ these calculations!  Fill a box with numbers, create a multiple of ten then ship those boxes outta here!

Free Game Spinner (1-10)

Box it Up

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Game Set-Up:

Each player draws up a game board like this.
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What You Need:

1 game spinner
1 game board for each player
2 to 4 Players

How to Play:

  1. One of the players spins the spinner and each player places the resulting number into one of their boxes.
  2. Players then take it in turns to spin the spinner and each time, all the players choose which OF THEIR boxes to put their number into.
  3. When the numbers in a box add to a multiple of ten the box can be SHIPPED!  Players can show this however you see fit – a cross through the box is quick and easy.
  4. Players continue to take it in turns to generate numbers until all of their boxes have been shipped.

How to Win:

  • Be the first player to ship all of their boxes.


  • Students keep a cumulative total beneath each box to maintain the pace of the game. (Discuss – How does this strategy aid accuracy and efficiency?
  • Encourage students to pay attention to the calculations of their opponent to ensure they are not shipping prematurely. 
  • Vary the number of boxes used in the game


  • Play using a different multiple to ship each box.  Beware – multiples of two tend to produce very short rounds! 😉
  • Players spin the spinner twice per turn, first for tens then for units to generate a two-digit number.
  • Players begin with a total of 50 in each box and spin to generate numbers to subtract.  Once a box is empty the box can be shipped.
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