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Online Spinner – (1-6) – Spin ‘n’ Tug

Online Spinner (1-6) – Spin the Wheel Math Game – Tug ‘n’ Spin – A Math Game for practicing Addition and Subtraction.


Online Spinner (1-6)

Spinner Math Game – Spin ‘n’ Tug

online spinner (1-6)

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  • students draw this game board

What You Need:

This game spinner
1 game board (Draw one up)
1 counter
2 players

How to Play:

  1. Place a counter on the number 14.
  2.  Assign Player One the role of ‘plus’ and Player Two the role of ‘minus’.
  3. Player One goes first and chooses if they spin the game spinner once, twice or not at all. Next they add together the scores from their spins and move the counter that many places towards the number 27.
  4. Player Two then faces the same decision over how many times to spin, but this time the counter is moved towards the number 1.
  5. Play continues in this fashion until the counter lands on either 1 or 27. 

How to Win:

  • ‘Plus’ wins by landing their counter exactly on number 27, whilst ‘minus’ wins by landing the counter exactly on number 1.


  • Encourage students to think ahead when it is their turn – how many spins will give them the best chance of hitting their target?
  • Encourage students to mentally calculate where the counter will be moved to before moving it, rather than just counting on.


  • Explore negative numbers by altering your game board, to begin with the number -13 and end with the number 13.  0 is the starting midpoint.
  • Spin the spinner twice. Players add the two numbers together or find the difference between them.

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