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Spinner Games – FREE Online Game Spinner – (1 to 12)

DOUBLE & HALVE your ODDs and EVENs in this race to land on 100!  Should the number be added or taken away to make sure that the answer is….SPOT ON!?

Free Game Spinner (1-12)

Spot On!

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Game Set-Up:

Simply power up your spinner!

What You Need:

1 game spinner
a pencil and paper
2 to 4 players

How to Play:

  1. Player One takes a spin! If the number is EVEN it is HALVED. If the number is ODD it is DOUBLED. Players keep a running total.
  2. Player Two takes their spin and follows the same process.
  3. Play continues in this fashion until a player hits 100. 

How to Win:

  • The first player to land exactly on 100 wins.


  • Encourage clear recording techniques on paper so students EFFICIENTLY & ACCURATELY keep track of their running total.
  • Play non-competitively by having students record how many spins it took to land on 100 – can they improve their personal best?
  • As players reach the climax of the game, add the option to spin twice and choose the best number for the situation.  This helps to develop strategic thinking as well as speeding things up!


  • Change the target number for a shorter or longer game.
  • For practice with decimals, switch the rules: halve the odd numbers, and double the evens.
  • Give players the option to spin once or twice per turn.  If the player spins twice, they add the numbers together before doubling or halving.  Discuss the students’ decision-making – when was it best to spin once/twice?
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