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CERTAINTY, LIKELIHOOD & IMPOSSIBILITY form the basis of this deceptively simple GAME of CHANCE.  Students attempt to harness the power of probability to reign victorious as they decide…higher or lower?

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The Game in a Nutshell:

This spinner game is all about probability and likelihood. 

Game Set-Up:

Load up your spinner and away you go!

What You Need:

1 game spinner
a place to record scores
2 to 4 players

How to Play:

  1. Spin the wheel and note the number it lands on.
  2. Players predict if the next spin will ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ by thinking carefully about the likelihood of the outcome.
  3. Spin the wheel again.  Players who predicted correctly score a point.
  4. Play continues in this fashion until the same number is spun twice in a row.

How to Win:

  • The player with the most points before a double spin wins.


  • Play the first set of rounds then discuss the strategies that worked well for students. Play a second set of rounds to allow students to learn from their experience.
  • During the game ask students the likelihood of the next number being higher or lower.  Begin to introduce the language 1 chance in 12, 3 chances in 12 etc.
  • Playing in teams or as a group allows students to learn and gain confidence by discussing each decision.
  • If necessary, predictions can be recorded to prevent them from mysteriously changing at the moment the spinner stops! 🙂 


  • Spin the wheel twice and add the numbers together, predicting ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ based on the result of a pair of spins.
  • Spin the wheel twice and multiply the numbers together, predicting ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ based on the product of a pair of spins.
  • Play as a group vs the spinner.  Everyone begins standing, putting their hands on their heads to predict ‘higher’ or touching their toes to predict ‘lower.’  Anyone who makes an unsuccessful choice sits down.  Can the group ensure that one person is left standing to beat the spinner?

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