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Spinner Games – FREE Online Game Spinner – (1 to 10)

MULTIPLICATION FACTS and CUMULATIVE ADDITION SKILLS pave the path to victory in this spinning match. Choose a times table then hope to avoid it as you spin the Wheel of Fortune!

Spinner Games (1-10)

Wheel of Fortune

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Game Set-Up:

  • Set up the spinner
  • Decide how many rounds will be played

What You Need:

2 Players
1 game spinner
A pen and paper

How to Play:

  1. Player One spins the wheel and jot down the result. Player One continues to spin the wheel and keeps a running total until the answer becomes a multiple of ten. When a multiple of ten is reached Player One’s turn ends – this could happen on turn one or turn twenty-one!
  2. Player Two then has repeats Step 1.

How to Win a Round:

  • The player with the highest total wins the round.

How to Win The Game:

  • The player with the most points after a given number of rounds wins.


  • If playing in pairs or as a group, students can play simultaneously, taking it in turns to do one spin at a time.  This gives a little extra time for students to complete the addition, as well as building a little tension!
  • To play noncompetitively, students can play individually and try to beat their own scores.
  • Encourage students to check each other’s adding, helping each other after a tricky spin.


  • Play using a different times table to end each turn.  Beware though – multiples of two tend to produce very short rounds! 🙂
  • Players spin the wheel twice per turn, first for tens then for units, to generate a two-digit number.
  • Players begin with a score of 100 and subtract each spin, hoping to avoid the multiples of ten and pass zero for a point.
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