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Exactamundo is a Division game where remainders score unwanted points. Students are required to calculate ‘What’s left?’ 

The aim of the game is for students build confidence and enjoy number play.

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Exactamundo! a Division Game

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Game Set-Up:

Load up the spinner!

What You Need:

  • 1 game spinner
  • tools to support division e.g. pencils, paper, multi-link cubes, number lines, calculators, etc.
  • any number of players

How to Play:

  1. Spin the spinner twice to generate a 2-digit number, then once more to generate a single digit.
  2. The player then solves the division calculation created by the numbers generated (e.g. 23 ÷ 4 =), using the tools provided.
  3. The remainder determines the player’s score. If there is no remainder, the player calls ‘Exactamundo!’ and scores zero.
  4. The next player then takes their turn, recording their points for the round.

How to Win the Game:

  • The player with the least points after a number of rounds wins.

Game Tips:

  • Encourage students to use the tools provided for a visible representation of their math thinking – it will help their opponent to follow their thought processes, and two brains are always better than one!
  • Use the term ‘what’s left?’ as the students play,  building to the use of the term ‘remainder’ as they show confidence and understanding of the concept.
  • Playing in teams or as a group allows students to learn and gain confidence through discussing each step of the calculation.  Played a few days in a row, a group can strive to beat the score they achieved the day before.

Game Variations:

  • Play using a spinner with 1-8, 1-10 or 1-12 to practice a wider range of divisors.
  • Add an element of strategy by having students rearrange the three digits generated by the spinner in an effort to create the calculation with the smallest remainder.
  • Have the player with the MOST points win. You may need to alter the name of the game for this one!  🙂
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