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Spinner Games – FREE Online Game Spinner – (1 to 5)

Spin to Win is a Math game where problem-solving, mental calculations and the power of probability are perfectly packaged!  Pull on your thinking cap, set your board cleverly and Spin to Win!

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Spin to Win Math Game

Spin to Win Math Game
Spinner Game – 5 Sided Spinner

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What You Need to Play this Math Game:

1 game spinner
1 game board for each player (see below)
9 counters for each player
2 or more players

Game Set-Up:

– Students draw up a game board like the one below.
– Players place their counters on the numbers on their game board.  More than one counter may be placed on each number, and numbers may be left blank.

How to Play the Game:

1. Launch the spinner
2. Spin the wheel twice. 
3. Players add, subtract, multiply or divide these numbers to make a number they have covered on their game board.  If successful, the counter is removed.
4. Players continue to take turns in this fashion until a player has removed all of their counters.

How to Win the Game: 

The player to remove all of their counters first wins the game. 

Game Tips: 

– If playing with a large group, game boards can be quickly drawn on paper and symbols drawn/crossed off instead of moving counters.
– Students can play in teams of two, discussing how best to use the numbers spun to increase the likelihood of clearing their game board.
– After the first round, discuss game board arrangements.  Which numbers were the easiest/trickiest to make?  Why?  How can you use this information to your advantage when arranging your game board?

Game Variations:

– Extend by using a game board with numbers from 3-15, and spin the spinner 3 times each round.  Watch those cogs turn as students become finely tuned problem-solving machines!
– Use a game spinner with more numbers (adjusting the game board accordingly).
– Play non-competitively by having students record how many spins it took to remove all of their counters – can they improve their personal best?

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